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How does it work?


MediaStor is our MAM solution, powered by our robust automation and processing engine. This is the core of our MAM system, providing functionality to enable users to move, copy, delete, import, capture, publish, transcode, and transform media.


Aqua is our suite of modules built to be standalone and powerfully capable on their own, but can be used together for added benefits and performance. Functioning as our media toolkit, Aqua modules have various roles to slot into workflows as needed. This ranges from shot logging for simple edits to vastly complex automated video and audio QC, and subtitle controls.


Our powerful storage solution aggregates multiple storage servers into a single unified structure, providing tracking and auditing of file histories as well as dynamic metadata handling capabilities to empower even the most complex of broadcast workflows.

How do they fit together?

What can our MAM do for you?

Asset Registration

Automated Workflows

Automated QC


Storage and Archiving


System Monitoring

Network and Security


Media Asset Management

Our MediaStor platform consists of a thorough asset catalogue and a powerful workflow engine to automate jobs and processes while maintaining operational visibility. A smart and fully scalable system which integrates effortlessly with HSM, automation systems, CMS and broadcast servers.

Instant Search Results

Find the right file fast by narrowing search results in seconds and enjoy full flexibility when combining different search criteria to find the desired result. MediaStor offers efficient means of searching for content using a range of metadata and filters.

Smart Version Control

Version control helps ensure that only the most up-to-date file versions are made available for use. MediaStor catalogues every asset and all metadata associated with that asset while keeping a record of all the movement and changes that the media undergoes. The result is a complete life history of each file. MediaStor tracks all versions of the content as it moves through the system and allows for simple content navigation.

Secure Access Control

Depending on predefined permissions, users can search, view and make changes to media assets from anywhere. Custom searches can be created and these can be saved and shared with other users, groups of users or made public, for easier and smarter reviewing of content.


The Ultimate Media Toolkit

Within MediaStor, optional modules designed to perform specialised tasks run on the Aqua environment providing the opportunity and capability to perform tasks with perfect integration. Built to run specifically on MediaStor, modules interact with each other to share information, metadata and functionality. Aqua modules give the freedom to expand the MediaStor system to provide the ultimate in Media Asset Management.


Video, Audio, and Subtitle QC

Offering enhanced functionality in video and audio QC, TrakStak can also be used to resynchronise tracks, add and review subtitles, and apply multiple languages at up to 8 times real time.

See Datasheet


Shot Creation for EDL and Compliance

Ideal for highlights during sporting events or to draw attention to potential compliance issues, ShotLogger uses customisable keyword buttons to apply metadata to key moments in content.

See Datasheet


Simple Cut-Only Editor

Create edit decision lists or perform simple virtual edits of video content without altering the original file.


Track and Manage Media Assets

Capture the metadata needed to track and manage the creation and processing of media assets. Users can also link digital assets such as still, scripts, and so on to the relevant media asset.

See Datasheet


Data Visualisation and Monitoring

DashBoard is a data visualisation tool, which presents system information and trends in an easy to use and highly customisable graphical interface. DashBoard provides comprehensive reports on storage, hardware and practically every other aspect of the system.


Archivist – Storage & HSM

Utilising base MediaStor architecture, Archivist can run along side our powerful MAM solution to offer tiered HSM solutions to simplify your archive workflow. Clever, intuitive, and specifically designed for broadcast media operations while supporting hybrid storage models not previously known in the broadcast industry. The storage File System aggregates multiple storage servers into a single unified structure, providing tracking and auditing of file histories as well as powerful metadata handling capabilities to empower even the most complex of broadcast workflows.


MediaStor & Archivist Storage Platform

Reliable, Smart, Secure – Simple

MediaStor has an optional SOAP API, which enables metadata exchange and media actions to be integrated with third party MAM and system monitoring systems. The optional Aqua software modules, which can run directly on the MediaStor hardware, enable advanced media management and workflow automation to be added for a relatively small incremental cost.

Automated Backup System

If for any reason the requested content is damaged or faulty, the content is restored from a duplicate thanks to the automated backup of archived content.

Hassle-Free Integration

Archivist is ideal for both established and constantly growing workflows, expanding with you as your workflow does. Archivist allows for easy integration with other library systems, as well as scheduling systems to ensure media is ready for TX when it’s needed.