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Iphrame Simplified

A Smart, Full IP, Live Production Solution

Iphrame is our collection of tools working together to combine IP, ASI, and SDI signals in one real-time production solution.

Our Iphrame range is 100% software, only utilizing dedicated hardware when SDI or ASI connectivity is required. Iphrame creates a radical alternative to the way outside broadcast events are planned and implemented, significantly reducing the cost of broadcasting both large and small events.

Secured VBN

Built with Speed and Security in Mind

All our Iphrame components run on our Virtual Broadcast Network (VBN) designed and built specifically to reliably transport UDP streams.

With end-to-end encryption and optional HTTPS support, our VBN system is built to guarantee safe and secure delivery of all network streams.

Remote Commentary

Shortlisted in the IABM BAM™ Awards 2018

 Iphrame Remote Commentary, one of a family of IP-based solutions aimed at bringing down the cost of live production, has been identified by the judging panel as one of the leading products or services to be exhibited at IBC 2018.

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There’s an Iphrame Solution for You


The full Iphrame workflow with modular packages to fit all needs.

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Take IP anywhere with our flypack IP production system.

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Remote Commentary

Stream live commentary from any number of production locations.

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Our powerful solution for recording and accessing live web streams.

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Iphrame Enterprise

The all-in-one system

Iphrame Enterprise is the full Iphrame solution scaled to fit any situation. From remote production, video and image overlays, remote commentary, and playout. Iphrame Enterprise is the next evolution in IP control, taking the best of our IP range and creating an elegant solution utilizing our modular node system. Iphrame Enterprise allows users to create custom solutions for their workflows.

Modular by Design

Custom or Pre-built

There’s virtually no limit to the customizability of our Iphrame solution. We have a package for every need.

Save Money

Why pay for extras or features you don’t need? With Iphrame, you only pay for what you want.

Great Optional Nodes

We have a whole range of extras that can be bolted on and added to find just what you need. Simple.

Cloud Control

Iphrame can be deployed on dedicated COTS hardware or hosted in Cloud/VM architectures. Signals can be securely exchanged between geographically disparate networks using encrypted data tunnels ensuring content and live signals remain secure at all times.

Use of timestamped proxy feeds, which are automatically generated for all sources, enable flexible solutions to be built utilising lower bandwidth networks.

Frame-Accurate Syncing

Once inputs have been processed they can be viewed remotely, in a frame-accurate/synchronous way, from anywhere in the world over a minimal bandwidth link (as low as 1Mb/s per feed being monitored).

Source selections and mixes can be made and are replicated back at the central facility/cloud where a full-resolution mix is produced. Thanks to Iphrame’s TimeLock technology the final mix is done on the exact frame intended by the operator, regardless of the link latencies involved.

Dynamic Overlays & Straps

Simply create dynamic overlays and straps using our built-in graphics engine, or interface with an external graphics solution.

Modular Expansion Nodes

One of the strengths of the Iphrame range is its modularity.



Media Players

Iphrame Flyaway

Go where IP takes you.

When you can’t take a full Enterprise system, Flyaway is the portable solution. Smaller, more compact, easy to transport.


Your truck in a Suitcase

Because Iphrame dispenses which much of the equipment, it offers incredible portability in a rigid waterproof case that can easily be carried in the boot of a car or on to a plane.

Housed in a portable case or rack, take Iphrame Flyaway anywhere to produce events economically, opening new revenue streams and increasing engagement with viewers. When the event is reached, Iphrame can be up and running in minutes.

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Iphrame Remote Commentary

Live Commentary from Anywhere.

Iphrame Remote Commentary enables production companies to stream live events while issuing commentary from any number of remote locations. Events can be streamed in many languages while commentators, instead of attending the location, can work wherever they have an internet connection. Iphrame commentary can be set up quickly and easily.


How does it work?

The Iphrame Remote Commentary server generates a proxy of the master channel (video + audio) which is sent to a remote commentator who can be located anywhere in the world. The commentator can view the feed on an ordinary PC, and adjust their local mix to monitor their commentary to their preference.

The clean commentary feed is time stamped relative to the time the proxy was displayed using TimeLock, and returned to the Iphrame Remote Commentary server.

Cost Effective

Iphrame Remote Commentary is a solution to produce regionalized feeds at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional solutions. The solution removes the expense of building commentary booths, flying in and hosting international commentators and expensive infrastructure.

One Commentator, One Location, Multiple Events

Commentator won’t have to come to a central location anymore, but can provide commentary from the location they are based. This is providing production companies the option of drawing from a larger talent pool.

Iphrame Capture

Record Live Web Streams from Anywhere

Simplicity and reliability form the core of our Iphrame Capture software. Record, save, and access live web streams, off air feeds or local SDI sources easily without compromising quality. Simplify your workflow and write content directly to Avid and other editing suites easily and quickly.


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Any Device, Any Time

Iphrame Capture is easily accessible via any web-enabled device, and can be used with popular internet browsers to ensure wide-ranging compatibility and ease of use. This enables recorded content to be shared across the world with anyone who has access to the internet. Content can be downloaded for editing, playout, or other purposes from any number of locations or devices with login permissions.

Versatile Installation

The Iphrame Capture engine can be installed on a private server or cloud-hosted VM, allowing total control of the capture process. It offers the ability to record one or multiple media streams simultaneously and is limited only by your platform and available storage capacity.

For even greater flexibility, Iphrame Capture is now available via AWS Marketplace.

Record Multiple Streams Simultaneously

Optimize time and create more efficient workflows by recording multiple streams at once. Recordings are easily and intuitively set up to maximize revenue and lower costs.

Share from Anywhere 

Set up a recording and send a link to anyone to start using your content. No waiting, no rendering, no time wasted. Any user with access can import the recordings and start working straight away.

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