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Iphrame Remote

Because our Iphrame suite is modular, we can offer the award-winning Iphrame Remote which exploits the solution’s ability to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world without needing high-bandwidth links to bring back high-res feeds to a central location. As a result, fewer staff are needed on-site and events can be remotely produced using lower bandwidths links which is great news for your budget.

Iphrame provides a means of televising a greater number of events at the highest possible quality for less.

By deploying Iphrame in parallel to a traditional production architecture, the high-value production can be carried out in the usual way whilst alternative streams or other tasks can be handled using the latest flexible technology at a significantly lower cost. In such circumstances, Iphrame can also act as a backup or disaster recovery solution should the main production platform fail.

Iphrame Remote works by consolidating all SDI and IP sources at an event within a server deployed at the event site. The server buffers these streams, generates proxies of them and pushes them back up into the cloud.

From here an operator can use an Iphrame client to view the proxy streams frame accurately and make switching decisions which are passed back to the remote site. The Iphrame Engine then generates a high-bit-rate, high-quality output, ready for lightning-fast transmission to multiple platforms across the globe.

The whole Iphrame range is 100% software, only utilising dedicated hardware when SDI or ASI connectivity is required. A radical alternative to the way outside broadcasts are planned and implemented, Iphrame Remote can drastically reduce the cost of broadcasting large international events.

Features & Benefits

  • IP or SDI I/O
  • Multiple or single input mixed to single outpu
  • Minimal latency
  • Configurable touch-screen UI
  • Compatible with Stagebox for multi-camera, live studio, or outside broadcast events
  • Remote operations


Iphrame Remote – IABM Design & Innovation Awards Winner 2015