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Compliance Recording and Content Repurposing

An intuitive dual-purpose continuous recording platform offering a simplified workflow to the broadcast industry. Fulfill compliance obligations with confidence and utilise powerful content re-purposing and review tools for an effective and scalable solution.

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What’s the Workflow?

Our Clipper system follows the same three building blocks for each workflow: Sources, Storage & Encoding, and Export. These building blocks are tweaked to perfectly match the individual client’s requirements for the ideal solution every time.

Compliance Recording

Clipper records a range of signals including IP, HD, SDI, and ASI. Browse content frame by frame for highly accurate identification of relevant points of interest including video, audio, and other service data. Recording transmissions is essential for fulfiling legal obligations and supplying a record to advertisers for aired content. Our Clipper system provides an effective solution to legal requirements and evidence with confidence.

Content Repurposing

Clipper can help you increase your income by capturing and collating clips to be used at a later date. These clips could be key moments in the news and sport, such as political speeches, goals in football, key moments in F1 and much more.

Multi-user Login with Permission Controls

Depending on predefined permissions, users can search, view and make changes to media assets from anywhere. Custom searches can be created and these can be saved and shared with other users, groups of users or made public, for easier and smarter reviewing of content.

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Wide Format Support

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