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About Us

Focused and dynamic, Suitcase TV is a UK company specialising in software solutions for the broadcast industry since 2000.

As the IP revolution gathers pace, Suitcase TV sees itself as leading the change, and has created a rich portfolio of solutions that media companies can use to deliver live streams across IP networks, store and repurpose media assets, and maintain records of transmissions.

We can make our innovative products, thanks to our dedicated and talented team of software engineers, who make up 50 per cent of our workforce. Our customers can, therefore, be assured that we focus our attention on what is most important to them; reliable solutions from people they can trust.

Many of our customers rely on MediaStor, our enterprise-level storage and archiving platform. Designed specifically for broadcast media operations, MediaStor is a storage platform supporting hybrid storage models not previously known in the broadcast sphere. The MediaStor file system aggregates multiple storage servers into a single unified structure, providing tracking and auditing of file histories as well as powerful metadata handling capabilities to empower even the most complex of broadcast workflows.

In addition MediaStor offers automatic multi-tiered storage using our Archivist module. This enables the system to intelligently identify whether files should be on nearline or deep storage, and move them accordingly between RAID, MAID and/or tape.

For added functionality, we can offer MediaXchange and Aqua, optional extras that run directly on MediaStor and provide advanced media management and workflow automation.

Suitcase TV also offers the Iphrame Suite; a range of software-based solutions that have been designed with the view that the move to IP needs to offer broadcast operations something more than simply replacing SDI in traditional architectures. The range includes solutions in vision mixing, publishing, encoding, and decoding.

Also available as an award-winning remote version, Iphrame can be used to produce live streams many miles off-site.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email us on info@suitcasetv.com or call +44 1473 258251, or perhaps arrange to come along and meet us at an upcoming event.