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Stagebox from L2tek is a revolutionary technology designed to significantly reduce costs in production by removing all cumbersome SDI, audio and camera control interfaces.

Suitcase TV have integrated with the Stagebox technology to allow it to interface to some of our latest iPhrame (TM) software and MAM system hardware.



Suitcase TV & Stagebox


Find out how you can utilise Stagebox captured content in your workflow:


- IP throughout from camera to transmission

- IP multi-viewer

- IP to HD-SDI conversion

- IP multi-camera recording

- Direct MediaStor integration for onward processing & transmission workflows.


Stagebox, available to license from L2tek, is a revolutionary method of making HD tapeless productions simpler with the added benefit of great cost savings. It is designed to transform all the linear control, audio and video signals to and from a camera into packet based IP networks to simplify production workflows and rigging.

For a production team, this means you can use low cost switches instead of SDI routers, you can get full studio camera connectivity through a single CAT6 cable, and you can convert any SDI source into a full broadcast spec studio camera.

In addition you can also virtualise production tools, such as vision mixers, ARC devices, colour correctors and the many other tools you may use. You can also benefit by putting post production on networks. As a result, you can acquire feeds as they grow, record them into editable files on the fly, and start post production instantly with no additional SDI routing, recording, or transcoding costs.

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The Stagebox unit

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